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Time Pieces for the Apocalypse

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Time feels like it is slowing down. We are more aware now. More connected to the rest of humanity. We are all connected.

I began this "time piece" series/body of work back in the '80's actually, while I was in college. It started with how people, in the era of wristwatches, would stop you on the street to ask if you had the time. So, the "NOW" watched were the first I made, as arty reminders to live in the moment.

In the 90's I created a few apocalyptic watches with a cheeky play on "the Rapture" fanatical ideas. I just unearthed the whole collection (20 or so) from a dark musty storage box. I think they need a good airing out. Now, I will revisit the time idea. The other day, while in personal space zone, I created a new one for today.

#timepiece #nowwatch #endtimes #therapture #apocalypse

#apocalypsefashion #livefortoday #quarantinefashion #socialdistancing

#thinkpositive #beoptimistic

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