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Rings on the Big Screen - Ocean's 8

It's a tricky job trying to take photos of the big screen - which is why I brought back up. Said back up is my husband, and I brought him as my date (cheap date, as I am writing the tickets off as a tax deduction). He was so not at the ready(!) and I may have to watch it one more time, as I, myself, was just looking at hands the whole time - my usual m.o. in lots of situations with people. All that aside, it was an exciting night at the movies. I am super grateful to my friend Kat St. John who is a set dresser in NYC who loves to share the love, and she rocks my jewelry so hard that people do notice. - She's a badass woman working on a chick flick with way more than eight awesome women!

Above are the two featured rings that Helena Bonham Carter had on for nearly the entire movie: the Moth Ring + the Classic Armor Ring - not the stolen jewels, but badass daily drivers that her "designer" character wears.

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