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donating goods to good causes

self portait on a vase : )

I get asked a lot to donate my wares for various fund raisers. Nearly always I say, "yes!". I have more jewelry/time, than I do money to contribute. My clients values and politics are fairly aligned with my own, so that feels good too. It feels good that my fancy things can help a humble cause.

This latest project brought about a new challenge in a new medium: in the form of a ceramic/pottery vessel to be decorated for a money raising auction for Make The Road NY, which benefits immigrant NewYorkers. Of course, I used jewelry tools to put on some design. Fun, fun!

I asked my friend Randy Johnson to do a tandem vase, as he has glazing skills + knowledge! And he makes cool art and images. here's his Instagram: starwink66

Can't wait to see how they come out of the kiln! Then, ship them to Brooklyn for the art auction.

#artauction #maketheroadNY #randyjohnson

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