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NYC sublet

cab ride from laguardia to williamsburg

It's noisy out there with the sound of jackhammers out back and a couple of concrete mixers on the street out front. I'm into my fourth week of a month long stay in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. I have to keep myself in check with the fantasy thoughts of moving back. It might not be so dreamy as a park side location between williamsburg and greenpoint very near the subway. Also, they are shutting down the L train next Spring anyway, and no one is looking forward to that.

This town is all about people, humanity, and manmade structures, yet there is nature and wildlife thriving too. My friend Karrie and I were watching several female cardinals snacking on the succulents on her fire escape last evening. Williamsburg doesn't have that small town feel that it did before, but it still feels so natural to be here, to navigate the chaos - it's in my blood. I need a dose of this to get re-energized. So, if I'm ever feeling complacent or shiftless, it's time to book a trip to NYC!

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