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Cheerleading was the thing lots of girls aspired to at my Junior High if you wanted to be "popular". I trained as a gymnast from an early age and was competitive for much of my adolescence. However, these skills did not help me to make the squad, let alone even the first cut. I can't dance! And I am really not very coordinated in a move to the beat kind of way! I guess I march to the beat of my own drum. I am not the "fit in" or "join up" kind of person, although now I really appreciate the enthusiasm of those who champion others. I wish we could sign up for cheerleading or boosting up squads instead of all the reasons to protest the injustices in the world.

I did make these rings, just a few for friends, thinking the whole thing would be over in a few weeks. I was encouraged to make more (I need people's input in most matters!). Wearing mine daily is a comfort and reminder to stay vigilant.

You can purchase for $47 on Etsy shop: WisconsinCabin

I donated 10% of original sales to Pro-Choice Resources and will do so for all remaining sales.

RESIST the current regime/women of the french resistance

#blacklivesmatter #fightthepower #resist #andshepersisted #nevertheless #neverthelessshepersisted #feminism #resistance #dumptrump #prochoiceresources #righttochoose #womensrights #prochoice

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