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Do you like your birthstone?

I was born in March and I am attracted to the watery blue of my birthstone, aquamarine, although I don't think I always was. In my youth I was jealous of those born in July as I thought rubies were the bomb! As one who makes jewelry and honors custom requests, I am just curious if women (the only ones even aware?) are even attracted to their "prescribed" stone? I think those born in August or November got gypped with the peridot and citrine! They should have license to choose whichever stone they love! (And why are some birth months assigned a choice of two or three gems?!)

I do think gems have spiritual properties, but that this assignment seems a little "hallmark holiday-ish" to me. If you like the stone and all it represents, by all means - wear it proudly! I do think one should go with their gut feeling in these matters. I do love for people to know that sapphires come in a wide range of colors, and they are super durable compared with some of the semi-precious birthstones.

On that note, with March coming up, I've designed a ring which is inspired by the pale blue aquamarine paired with pale rose gold. So yummy and soothing to the soul. Incidentally, the design really works well to play with so many other precious and semi-precious faceted stones (also pictured: rutilated quartz and lavender moon quartz in silver).

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