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the Aspirations of Williamsburg

camille hempel jewelry design showroom - williamsburg, brooklyn

When I signed the lease and got the keys there were crack vials and the occasional burned out car on the streets, but a great view of the East River and the Williamsburg Bridge.

This was 2005 and I still feel very lucky to have been in that magical time and place. The in between time. Gradually the run down real estate was more esteemed for its prime location just across the river from Manhattan. Most of my community of artist friends had already been forced or bought out, while some were putting their rent in escrow and awaiting court dates and their fate.

I signed a five year lease, then got two more years with no option to renew. Now I find myself in Northest Minneapolis with a strong sense of deja vu. The artists here have already pioneered the vacant industrial buildings and the real estate is being developed. I'm feeling nostagic for the days of "living on the edge".

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