Camille likes tools...

and firmly believes that tulle, too, has its place in the world.

Camille Hempel is a jewelry designer with no shortage of creativity and range. She got interested in jewelry making while studying Art at UW Madison. She feels fortunate to have learned the trade as an apprentice at the Jewelers Workshop in Madison, WI. She then acquired the tools of the trade after college while at a farm auction with her grandfather. She was then committed and has always had a workbench set up somewhere so she can bring her ideas

to fruition. She likes to keep her “jeweler at large” status    - finding inspiration while pursuing her other passions

away from the studio.

   Some of her passions & obsessions

   that influence her aesthetic and bring joy to

the process of creating:


   - hands

   - japanese kanji

   - off grid systems and earth berm houses

   - amazon warriors

   - roxy music

   - landscape as color design

   - found wood scraps

   - honesty + vulnerability

   - making something out of nothing 

   - singing loudly and badly in private

   - synchronicity of street sofas 

               (IG: @uglycouchqueen)

Camille’s rings are what immediately draw you to her work. To her, rings are the most expressive jewelry form because hands show who we are. Much of her work has a timeless and androgynous feel, such as her signature Armor Rings, which feature articulating bands and shield top plates. Some designs are all about the whimsy. And some address social justice and some encourage wearing love on our sleeves. Regardless of style, there is a certain badass elegance in every piece. They are vehicles for your own personal expression, to step out boldly, in an Age of uncertainly. 

           Find your talisman or daily driver. 



City Mouse Camille


Country Mouse Camille


IG: @jeweleratlarge