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Jewelry design for the New Era,
conscientiously made with engineering, and love.
A serious exploration in design with a touch of whimsy.

Small batch jewelry with focus on rings,

kinetic joinery, and craft.

Camille Hempel is a designer with no shortage of range.

In these current and turbulent times, she is taking time to slow down and consider, to be present for

what the world needs now.

And taking an active pause on -

making more stuff - just for now.

(No worries; there is plenty to peruse.) 

Energy goes into editing and reworking her vast archive. 

Vintage Buttons have appeal as freshly unearthed gems.

Her grandfather's Dead Pearl collection is on deck and seems to have quite a bit of vitality. 

Velvet ribbons from French and Swiss makers are finding their way past sterling chains of yore. 

Moving into the New Era

while reflecting and looking in both directions. 

Camille's New Era accessories will have some function for the wearer or in connecting us to our neighbors. 

Much of her work has a timeless and androgynous vibe.

And a certain badass elegance

that translates to you. 

Vehicles of expression, to step out boldly,

in an Age of Uncertainty. 

Current explorations: 

Love Medals . Time Pieces . Armor Rings

Reach out and connect if you have an idea for a custom/ized piece. 

Some of Camille's best work has come about through collaboration. 

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City Mouse Camille


Country Mouse Camille


IG: @jeweleratlarge

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